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JRS Promo I.

"ADRIATIC COMMERCIAL DIVING" performs following activities, services and works:

Construction, repair and maintenance of:

  • Underwater outlets
  • Water supply pipelines
  • Underwater constructions of gas and oil platforms
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Anchoring systems in marinas and berths

Laying and inspection of:

  • Underwater pipelines
  • Telecommunication cables
  • Electric wiring

Underwater examinations, inspections, controls and surveys

NDT – measuring the metal thickness by ultrasound device

Diving interventions at ship disasters and accidents at sea

  • The evaluation of damage of the sunken vessels
  • Taking out and towing of the sunken vessels

Underwater researches, testing and samples collection

Relevant technologies that we successfully use in performing diving works:

  • Diving with outer supply and with communication and video link (a surface to a diver)
  • Underwater work with hydraulic and pneumatic tools; drills, hammers, diamond saws, grinders, scissors and similar
  • Underwater cleaning of surfaces and polishing by a water jet using high-pressure pumps up to 500 bar
  • Suction pumps for the underwater digging
  • Underwater cutting
  • Underwater mining
  • Ultrasound probes (sensors) for testing the structures thickness
  • Special technologies of chemical sealing and gluing under water

We perform all diving operations with our own diving equipment. Our scuba divers used air, nitrox and trimix diving (gas mixtures).

Wrking vessels:

As a basic boat when performing the works, we use motor boat "JADRIJA" with following dimensions; length=20,5m and width=5,5m, engine Caterpillar 400 HP, speed of 8 NM, with capacity of 15t and for 6 crew members. MB “Jadrija” has been equipped with generators, a hydraulic 4t crane and a loading-unloading ramp.

When necessary, we use additional support vessels of type LANDCRAFT – equipped with their own hydraulic system for lifting and transferring the cargo up to 5 t.

REFERENCES - Underwater pipelines, gas pipelines, cables

Underwater water pipelines

  • Mali Lošinj – Sv.Petar – otok Ilovik

Underwater gas pipelines

  • Construction of the underwater section of pipeline under the river Krka in the main pipeline project Benkovac - Dugopolje

Underwater outlets

  • Construction of the underwater wastewater outlet - town of Cres
  • Construction of the underwater outlet - Vir center - south
  • Repair of submarine outfalls in Kvaner Bay and Opatija
  • Repair of submarine outfall in marina and shipyard Betina
  • Repair of submarine outfall - town of Vodice
  • Repair of submarine outfall - hotel "Medena" Trogir

Coastal protection and optical cables

  • Repair of coastal protection of underwater power cable 110 kW Krk-Cres
  • Repair of coastal protection of underwater power cable 110 kW Krk – Rab
  • Setting up optic cable under the Krka river

REFERENCES - anchoring systems (marinas, berths)


  • Laying pontoons in the port of Šibenik – custom pier
  • Construction of the anchoring system and gear setup in community of Sukošan
  • Repair of the part of anchor systems in marina Betina
  • Repair of the part of marina Skradin
  • Repair of the part of marina Skradin
  • Maintenance of the anchors and moorings in NP Krka

REFERENCES - Underwater inspections

Underwater inspections

  • m/b Godenwing
  • m/b Brač
  • m/b Komiža
  • m/b Broč
  • m/b Polaris
  • marina Veli Rat – Dugi otok
  • marina Biograd
  • mooring system in front of the hotel Krapano, island of Krapanj
  • submarine pipeline in camp Hostin, Tisno
  • floating gas station at the marina Hramina, Murter


  • Replacement of worn-out protective steel cages of the hydro-archaeological sites in Žirje
  • Search of the maritime zone and the location of mining – explosive devices
INAGIP - North Adriatic

05/2013| INAGIP - North Adriatic

We finished the project of underwater cutting and modification of iron structures on platforms INAGIP - North Adriatic

City of Cres - The wastewater outfall

05/2013| City of Cres - The wastewater outfall

We finished the project of installation of the underwater outfall wastewater in City of Cres. DN 315/257 mm total length of 1124 m at a depth of 52 m

b pipeline - Island of Mali Losinj

02/2013| Offshore pipeline - Island of Mali Losinj

We finished the project of installation of water supply system - offshore pipeline, Island of Mali Losinj - Sveti Petar - Ilovik. DN 160 / 130.8 mm total length of 1460 m, max depth of 38.50 m

Laying the gas pipeline on the river Krka

10/2012| Laying the main gas pipeline on the Krka – VIDEO

The work on one of the technically most demanding special points for the transition of IV part of the main gas pipeline system of Lika and Dalmatia; laying the underwater section of the pipeline on to the bottom of the river Krka has been successfully accomplished.

Video: the pipeline of the underwater sewerage outlet Center – south, Vir

03/2012| Underwater outlet Vir – VIDEO

The installation of the first part of the pipeline for the underwater sewerage outlet within the local sewage system Center – south on the island of Vir. The installation of concrete weights and testing of the system by sinking at the planned location has been undertaken after connecting the pipes. Video recorded on 10th and 11th November 2011. Video copyright: www.vir.hr

02/2012| Underwater outlet Vir

At this stage we perform underwater outlet of island of Vir.

12/2011| Archaeological site on the island of Žirje

The project of laying the protective cage at the archeological site of the island of Žirje together with partner Neptun-sub d.o.o. has been completed. A 7-ton-heavy steel protection has been placed on 40 m of depth in a very demanding diving action but also in new construction and installation method of protective cage. LINK TO THE NEWSPAPER ARTICLE

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